Leadifly Lead Generation Software

We like systems here at Click IT, especially systems that get the expected results we set out to get when we implement them in the first place and spend the time. Leadifly passes our high level of standards and simply works.

Whatever niche you’re in, having your own audience of targeted, engaged email subscribers is still the number one way to make money. With 92% of online adults using email, and 61% using it every single day, if you’re serious about your business, you NEED to have an email list.

The problem is that it’s getting harder and harder to get opt-ins, as people become more and more wary of squeeze pages and lead magnets.

Leadifly, when installed on your website, allows you to get people opting into your list without them ever even having to enter their name or email address.


The software connects directly to Facebook to retrieve your visitors’ details, and as soon as they click confirm, they will be automatically added to your email list, before they are forwarded to the content that they wanted to access.


Lock any kind of content on your site until the user opts in via Facebook, instantly adding them to your email list.


Create links to content ANYWHERE online that require Facebook opt-in, adding users to your list after they click.


Integrate it directly with a wide range of major email service providers, including MailChimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, Sendlane and Get Response.


Fully compliant with Facebook’s terms of service, using the API exactly the way that it’s meant to be used.


Your Facebook app requires no approval from Facebook and absolutely no experience is needed in developing. Even a complete newbie could do it.


The subscriber never feels pressurized into giving up his or her details, its all done behind the scenes from Facebook.






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